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Apa Perbedaan Pipa Besi dan Pipa PVC?

downloadPipa menjadi salah satu alternatif yang digunakan oleh banyak orang untuk menyalurkan air, entah itu air bersih ataupun air limbah. Dalam hal ini, pipa yang digunakan dua di antaranya pipa besi dan pipa PVC. Kedua pipa ini masing-masing memiliki kelebihan dan kekurangan, baik itu pada harga, ketahanan maupun pemasangannya. Apakah Anda ingin menggunakan pipa tersebut? Jika iya, alangkah baiknya jika mengetahui lebih jelas perbedaan antara kedua pipa ini agar Anda bisa memilihnya dengan tepat. Yuk, simak uraiannya berikut ini:


Pipa besi memiliki harga yang relatif tinggi ketimbang pipa PVC. Mengapa demikian? Pipa besi bahannya dihasilkan dari baja sehingga tahan terhadap api, sedangkan pipa PVC bahannya dari plastik dan dapat menuai bila terkena panas. Hal ini lah yang umumnya dapat mempengaruhi harga pipa besi relatif lebih tinggi dibandingkan pipa PVC.


Perbedaan pipa besi dan pipa PVC juga terletak pada ketahanannya. Pipa besi lebih kokoh, tidak mudah patah, pecah dan bocor. Sementara itu, pipa PVC cenderung mudah pecah, bocor dan tidak tahan lama. Namun, pipa besi cenderung mudah berkarat sedang PVC tidak. Bila pipanya berkarat padahal digunakan untuk penyaluran air bersih bukan tidak mungkin bisa membahayakan kesehatan.


Pemasangan kedua pipa ini juga cukup berbeda. Pipa besi pemasangannya lebih ribet ketimbang pipa PVC karena harus dilas terlebih dahulu apabila ada pipa yang akan disambungkan. Sementara itu untuk pipa PVC cukup memasang dengan menggunakan alat-alat penyambung, seperti socket, knee, tee, sock drat luar & dalam, dan lain-lain. Tinggal dibersihkan tempat penyambungannya maka pipa PVC dapat dipasangkan.

Pipa besi dan PVC umumnya memiliki masing-masing kelebihan dan kekurangan. Agar Anda bisa memilih pipa yang tepat, sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan Anda, apakah untuk penyaluran air besih, pembuangan air, atau untuk perlindungan kabel listrik.



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Go for Ice Fishing in Vermont

icefishingI went on Vermont vacation together with my dad in last winter. Both my father and I like fishing so I invited him to go for ice fishing in Vermont. He looked happy when knowing that we went to Vermont because he ever visited this place when he was still young. He told me that ice fishing was fun because there were a lot of fish there. I bought two tickets and booked a resort. We stayed for a week in that tourism spot. (more…)

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Apa Keuntungan Menggunakan Pipa Besi?

pipa-stainless-steelPipa besi yang digunakan untuk penyaluran air kini kian diminati oleh banyak orang untuk menggunakannya. Meskipun pipa ini harganya relatif mahal dibandingkan pipa PVC bukan menjadi hambatan untuk dimiliki karena pada dasarnya pipa besi memiliki banyak kelebihan. Tak heran bila dari zaman dahulu hingga saat ini orang-orang banyak menggunakan pipa ini. Adapun beberapa kelebihan yang didapat, yakni:

Tidak mudah bocor

Pipa besi memiliki ketahanan yang kuat sehingga tidak mudah bocor, patah, ataupun pecah. Bayangkan bila pipa tidak tahan lama, misalnya pecah karena kejatuhan benda keras tentunya harus diganti dengan pipa yang baru lagi. Bukan tidak mungkin modal yang dikeluarkan menjadi dua kali lipat.

Tidak memuai kena panas

Pipa besi juga tidak menuai bila terkena panas, berbeda halnya dengan pipa PVC yang tidak tahan terhadap api. Dalam hal ini, penggunaan pipa besi tentunya akan lebih tahan lama. Ingat, bila pipa menuai bila terkena panas, besar kemungkinan dapat mengurangi fungsi dari pipa itu sendiri.

Tidak mudah bengkok

Pipa besi juga tidak mudah bengkok sehingga tidak menghambat saluran air. Bayangkan bila saluran air mampet, tentunya bisa berakibat fatal. Bukan tidak mungkin harus dilakukan pengecekan dan perbaruan ulang agar pipa dapat digunakan kembali.

Dari uraian di atas, menggunakan pipa besi memiliki banyak kelebihan karena bisa menghemat waktu, tenaga dan uang. Memang, dilihat dalam pemasangannya pipa ini cukup ribet karena harus dilas bila ada pipa yang harus disambung. Namun, setelah pipa dipasang, pipa sudah dapat digunakan dengan baik.



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6 Good a Few Ideas for the Family Members’ 75th Birthday (2)

An excellent birthday present is just a cruise

It’ll be considered a good idea to permit the birthday celebrant to visit as part of his/her birthday festivities. Plan the trip in advance. You are able to notify the booking agent the reservation is to get a 75th special birthday. In this manner, the agent can make recommendations on those activities the celebrant can do on-board the cruise-ship and the type of special agreements which can be produced such as for instance a special birthday dinner. Make reservations for so that the celebrant may bring his or her partner or a good friend alongside them. (more…)

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6 Good a Few Ideas for the Family Members’ 75th Birthday (1)

Achieving 75 years old is just a benefit that needs to be celebrated and cherished. It may be celebrated by some people with a great party while others choose simple but more individualized gift suggestions to honor this event. There are lots of 75th birthday ideas as possible select from with respect to the celebrant’s preference. (more…)

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Advantages of Work Treatment on Schizophrenia (2)

The sufferers are so directed by an expert to ensure each stage of the job is carefully worked through. The individual should concentrate in the individual endeavor given to them. Besides the practical abilities, they too will discover a few essential qualities for example toleration and endurance for defeat. The capability to assist patients to begin thinking in them is really the initial step to healing. (more…)

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Advantages of Work Treatment on Schizophrenia (1)

Mental-health experts are now trying out remedy procedures as well as various treatment approaches that will efficiently relieve the symptoms or invert the states of schizophrenia. Among those who have surfaced from such research initiatives is work therapy. Learn more below what are the different parts that produced experts think about this as a potential treatment alternative for schizophrenia. (more…)

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Specific Beauty Advices (2)

Spend some time implementing a fake tan. Be sure you have at the very least half an hour prior to going to bed or getting dressed. If you’re in a rush then wait to complete it because you could get results. It’s very important to be sure you correctly use a fake tan. (more…)

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Specific Beauty Advices (1)

There are lots of things it is possible to do to up your beauty element, inside and out. Fortunately, making yourself more beautiful is really as simple as getting informed, that will be the purpose of this article. From small to big guidelines and hints, you will find some good advice below. (more…)

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Some Unique 80th Birthday Gift Suggestions (2)

Picture album

Because ninety years is unquestionably quite a long time, your dad must have had experienced events just before looking at such age. You can make your dad continue a pleasant journey down memory lane by giving a photograph album to him for his birthday. Complete this recording with your dad’s pictures all throughout his life. Include your dad’s pictures when he was still a young child, schoolboy and teen-ager, when he obtained prizes and when he was married, and also images of him together with his spouse, family and friends. With this specific picture album, he’ll have the ability to remember all of the happy memories and keep in mind how fantastic and fascinating his life has been. (more…)

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